The services we offer at Grubby Paws Groomers:

Our collect and drop service is avaliable from just £1.50 each way. Making grooming even more hassle free and available to everyone.

To get this service please just ask when booking in your dog for a groom.

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Ear Cleaning and Plucking: 

from £8


It's important to keep your dogs ears clean and fur free. Plucking the fur from their ear canal is painless and will help the air circulate and reduce infections.

Full groom from £25

This includes 2 washes, like described in bath and blow dry; 

a blow dry to get rid of any tangled hair; 

their nails trimmed; tidying around head, ears, feet, anal and genital area. Then clipped scissored to your required style. 

Puppy groom

from £15

This service is available from 10 weeks to introduce your puppy to grooming early. By doing so it makes grooming less stressful when they become older. It starts with a bath and dry and then when needed  trim to their feet and face.

Hand Strip- Prices vary.

If you require your dog to be hand stripped, this is done before bathing when the coat is dirty as the dead coat comes away easier, allowing a new healthier coat to grow through.   

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Bath and Blow dry 

from £18


This includes washing your dog twice: once to loosen dirt and the final wash is to ensure their coat is clean. Conditioner is used if needed, followed by a blow dry and brushed through to remove tangles.

Nail trim from



It's important to keep your dogs nails short so they do not catch them and rip them off. If your dog does not like their nails clipped we may ask you to hold them whilst we do so.